Zika Virus Could Destroy Florida Political Careers

It’s going to be very interesting to see which Florida politicians survive the next election after Miami residents realize how previous decisions have impacted them now that they have to live with the threat of catching the Zika Virus. Steve and Lois discuss Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and how the people of Miami are surviving Zika.

Stubborn Baby Boomers

It’s not easy for Baby Boomers to adjust to today’s workforce. Most folks over 55 want the work environment to be the same as it was when they were growing up. It’s a very different world. The rules as older Americans know them, don’t apply anymore. Steve and Lois spell out the facts.

Are We Living in a Society that Rewards Bad Behavior?”

More and more people all over the world are being rewarded with fame and fortune for their rude, arrogant, and inappropriate behavior. When did the rules change and how does this impact our future? Steve and Lois discuss the changes they have seen.