Sam Roberts Introduces You To A New York You Never Knew

Sam Roberts is celebrating the 400th anniversary of New York City with  a new book called “A History of New York in 27 Buildings.”  Sam brings to light the brilliant architecture, remarkable history, and bright future of the greatest city in the world.  Sam looks at Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building, and St. Paul’s Chapel. Other structures in his book show how municipal politics  aka corruption — impacted the rise of the department store, live theater and public housing. The book isn’t really about design, but how occupants have used these buildings over the years.   And you’ll learn why a spice shop on Lexington Ave is so important to US Presidential history. 

Sam Roberts is one of the New York Times best known journalists. He has worked there for decades. He is also the author of several books and has a major role in the new Roy Cohn documentary.  Sam interviewed Roy several times in the 1970’s and 80’s.  He learned a great deal about the Trump mentor and shares those insights during the film and with us on Lying on The Beach.  Join us.

Lying On The Beach
Sam Roberts Introduces You To A New York You Never Knew