Your Smartphone Should Have A Big Stick

Allen Hirsch, a renowned New York City artist, has made every available smartphone much more user friendly and accommodating. No more dropping your phone and losing data. The new HANDL Stick, from $10 to $20, (depending on the materials used), attaches to the back of your phone (or case) with an adhesive strip. The strip is stronger than Popeye and the patented brace and elastic system makes your phone feel like it is floating in your hand. .

Why are we interviewing Allen? We love the HANDL Stick and want everyone to know about it. Allen is a close friend who deserves credit for connecting a painter’s artistic touch to the most advantageous way to hold your cell. HANDL Stick also allows you to use landscape or in portrait mode. The Stick gives you a hands free option for desk use.

Steve Greenberg, a TV personality and Lois Whitman-Hess, a PR expert, interview Allen on their podcast, “Lying on the Beach,” because they got the exclusive information on this marvelous and affordable invention.

Lying On The Beach
Your Smartphone Should Have A Big Stick

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